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Couple Therapy Session

22 Apr 2019
23 Apr 2019
24 Apr 2019
25 Apr 2019
26 Apr 2019
29 Apr 2019
30 Apr 2019
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Jessika Redman
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Dear Colorado Community,


I am writing to let you know that I will be closing my counseling practice in Castle Rock

during the summer of 2019. My family has had an unexpected opportunity to be closer to

extended family and we have decided to move to Tampa, Florida. I have very much enjoyed

working with you during my years of practice in Castle Rock. I have learned a great deal

from you, and I hope that our work has improved the quality of your life. At this time, I

anticipate that I will be leaving the area the first week of July. For those clients whose work

with me has ended, I am happy to schedule a session if you wish to discuss my leaving and

your future therapeutic plans. For those with whom I am still working I will be maintaining

my Colorado License and offering sessions via a HIPAA compliant telehealth video platform

for those who would like to continue and in which cases video therapy is appropriate, we

can discuss my leaving and  we can also make plans to help you transfer to a new therapist

over the next several weeks. It is very important to me that you be established with your

new therapist before I leave, and that this new therapist be someone that we both respect

and trust. I will assist in this transition as much as you wish and as I possibly can. Please

call me or email me, so we can discuss how or if my transition will have an effect on you. If I

do not hear from you and you do not arrange for transfer of your counseling records to a

new therapist, I will take them with me.  Although this transition in my life was quite

unexpected, I am feeling very positive about our move. However, it is still with deep

sadness that I will close my practice here Castle Rock.  Thank you for allowing me the

privilege of serving in your lives and families.